Sing plays homage to avian nest colonies.

Comprising of 100 handwoven pendent nests and crafted with oil palm fronds, 'Sing' incorporates tropical bird species songs within the dimly lit installation. 'Sing' evokes the delicate and intricate natural connections found in remaining "wild" environments.
"Symons’ notion of drawing is as an expanded graphical mode, extending from the graph and the diagram (both animated and still) to live-feed stock market displays and flight information screens. Symons has a background in the corporate world – she previously worked in advertising – and is familiar with the systems used to display and market information. Redeploying these systems to raise awareness of the ecological damage market forces have caused has become a powerful and confronting tool in her critique of capitalism."

Professor Kit Wise, Debbie Symons: Drawn to our attention, ArtLink, Dec 2014

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