Visualising the 2014 IPCC report

Exhibition: Counting One to Four, Linden Projects: Atmosphere

Exhibition runs till the 12th of July 2015

In 1972, 114 nations attended the first Earth Summit in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the environment. Since this date 20 additional Earth Summits have occurred across the globe, with another scheduled for December this year in Paris. Despite these talks, the global mean temperature continues to rise and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is now 395 parts per million, approximately 100 parts per million higher than the maximal values seen over the past 740,000 years.

Counting One to Four, visualises the projected affects of the Earth’s predicted future warming upon species and remaining wild environments. Referencing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2014 business as usual RCP 8.5 model allows the work to move beyond a simplistic representation of ‘damaged nature’, to a multifaceted analysis of cause and effect. With projections of up to 52% of all terrestrial mammals, reptiles, marine species, amphibians and insects committed to extinction by 2100.


Counting One to Four is part of Linden New Art’s Atmosphere exhibition and is now showing till the 12th of July.