CLIMARTE has been officially invited to take part in the New York launch of A View from the Cloud, at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza – “The Gateway to the United Nations”, 47th street between first and second avenues. The event will feature work by international artists and designers and is co-produced by World Council of Peoples for the United Nations and the Streaming Museum, NYC.

CLIMARTE are very excited to have the opportunity to curate an exhibition by leading Australian artist Debbie Symons. The artwork selected is an impressive large-scale digital work titled Counting One to Four: Nature morte. To download the Media Release please click here

Counting One to Four: Nature morte synthesises the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) findings revealing predicted mass species extinctions in a 7- minute video.

The work moves beyond a simplistic representation of ‘damaged nature’ to a multifaceted analysis of cause and effect with projections of up to 52% of all terrestrial mammals, reptiles, marine species, amphibians and insects committed to extinction by 2100.

The work also visually references the 20 Earth Summits that have occurred across the globe by date and location, that have transpired ineffectively and without mitigation.

The New York launch of A View from the Cloud will feature a screening of PLANETARY, a cinematic Experience of Space and the World, with remarks by special guests: Astronaut Ron Garan, Director, Guy Reid, Cinematographer, Christoph Ferstad and representatives of the United Nations.

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Streaming Museum Media Release

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