My exhibition in Linden’s Innovators is quickly coming around. The opening night is on the 26th of June  and I would love to see you there.  The exhibition runs from the 27th of June till the 3rd of August.

Trade highlights the impact of commodities produced for international markets by the 3 countries whose biodiversity is effected the greatest through their countries exports: Indonesia, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. The work is informed by the Eora MRIO database, which provides a comprehensive view of the commercial causes of biodiversity threats. The three countries revealed within Trade, along with Malaysia and the Philippines had at the end of 2011, a total of 865 species threatened as a result of their countries international trade. The top 5 importers of these biodiversity threats were the United States, Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

For more information on the upcoming exhibition please visit Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts.