Making Water Visible, 2015

Made collaboratively by artists Jasmine Targett and Debbie Symons

Making Water Visible, maps Victoria’s largest natural water systems, including the network of rivers, lakes, dams, springs and its unseen ground water. This innovative research based artwork creates a multifaceted visual representation of the entirety of Melbourne’s water system for the very first time.

Hand crafted from luminescent perspex and mirror, the map shimmers and comes to life giving a sense that our water is a living organism that supports life within Melbourne; similar to the nervous system of the human body.

Research to create this map was collated by working with key facilitators from the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Water and Geosciences Australia. The aim of this work is to give Melbourne’s water a sense of identity by making the water system visible.

Making Water Visible embodies the City of Melbourne’s 2014 Total Watermark – City as a Catchment Strategy.

Making Water Visible was exhibited at part of The Catchments Project during the first studio-based artist in residency program at Creative Spaces Carlton Connect Studio, LAB14.