Recent editorial reviews and catalogue essays.

Sing Catalogue, 2021. Read more

The Article, A Fossilised Future, by Sam Leach. Read more 

The Catchments Project Catalogue

Creative Spaces, LAB14 Residency and Exhibition, 2015. Read more

Biodiversity to Biodiversification: A New Economy of Nature?

Making Sense Catalogue

Craft Victoria and Federation Square Exhibition. Read more

Innovation and the Arts, 2019. Read more 

City of Melbourne Catchments Project Video

Video developed by the City of Melbourne reviewing The Catchements Project. Read more

Artlink Sustainable?

Editorial articles by Professor Kit Wise and Dr Robert Nelson. Read more

Artlink: Changing Climates in Arts Publishing

Editorial coverage of World Species Market, 2009. Read More

Public Art Magazine, 2020. Read more

LABverde 2018, Immersion Program in the Amazon. Read more

Artshub: The Politics of Perception review. Read More

Us and Them – Unwelten Catalogue

RMIT Project Space Exhibition. Read more

Centerpoint Now: Are we there yet? United Nations, 2021. Read more 

Digital Art: The World of Alternative Realities by Professor Tim Flannery. Read more 

The Politics of Perception Catalogue

Latrobe Regional Gallery Exhibition, 2015. Read more

2112: Imagining the Future

RMIT Gallery Exhibition. Read more