Spectrogram Series, 2009

The Spectrogram Series consists of large drawings based on the call of five principal Albatross species that breed on islands located in the Southern Ocean; the Grey -headed, Shy, Black-browed, Wandering and Light-mantled Albatrosses.

This body of work reflects on the science of recording this majestic species, calling attention to their plummeting population numbers. The continuous and serious decline in this significant species means they are all now included on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. This list also contains the names of another 18,000 of the Earth’s species.

My work is an attempt to provide a space that reveals the diversity and individuality of each member’s song in a concrete form before it becomes lost to us. This work seeks to contemplate on the impoverishment we will face in the loss of this species, whose wing span is greater than a man’s height and whose attributes are far greater than its mythical status in sea bound histories and poetries.

The Spectrogram Series was exhibited at Shifted Gallery Losing the Unique, Richmond, Victoria.