A little while ago, 5 students from the Master of Design cohort worked with Zoos Victoria to create an immersive and engaging experience for primary school students, focusing on 5 local Australian species.

The design outcome features unique craft-based learning and augmented reality experiences for primary school children. The activity creates an understanding of species’ environments and the unique characteristics of five animals, the Tassie Devil, Southern Bent Winged Bat, Brushed Tailed Rock Wallaby, Helmeted Honey Eater and Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

The design outcome is now a featured education resource for Melbourne Zoo! To learn more, visit Monash.

I am so proud of what the students achieved with this work. Congratulations @dongyuliuuuu @allisonv_vn @wjxsophia @riri.haruka and @arankitkhokher